Faye is an award winning entrepreneur & coach, who works exclusively with women entrepreneurs who are ready to start attracting loving relationships {and money} with ease and living a phenomenal life!

Ten years ago, following multiple toxic relationships, Faye discovered the key to attracting and receiving love & success was to love herself first. Leading her to attract her fiance, Jason; who became step dad to her daughters Sophie and Jasmine, adopted her son Ethan, and later they became parents to their son, Isaac.

Her discovery of this powerful process {a unique set of thoughts + actions} also led her to fulfill her life long dream of running her own successful, multiple award-winning, business!

Her relationships with people and prosperity completely transformed as her energy shifted by fully stepping into this process. Attracting and receiving what she wanted became easy, and joyful!

Faye’s greatest passion is to now share this life changing process with other women, so that they too can attract and receive the love, success and freedom they desire… and absolutely deserve!

Faye is a motivational speaker and lives with her family in the beautiful British countryside.

Faye also founded Worthy Woman to financially support the charities closest to her heart, who offer free-of-charge, life changing, healthy relationship programs to women and young people across the country.

Ready to Receive with Ease?