FayeSo October 2015 marks my first ever speaking engagement!

It was to a group of about 25 wonderful business women who are members of my local Chamber of Commerce – who’d invited me due to recently winning one of their awards.

I started by briefly talking about my personal story of domestic abuse, and how this had led to me creating my company, Eden Aromatics. I then spoke about Eden’s newest ‘product’, the Worthy Woman Program; and finally, onto the main bulk of the talk – namely, how SELF LOVE IS THE KEY to increasing your self worth, which is the key to….

Attracting and creating the life (and business) you truly desire.

Speaking about ‘love’ and ‘self worth’ in a corporate setting was pretty nerve wracking I have to say! I was scared I’d get the ‘tumbleweed’ or slow-clap reactions. But instead, their reactions were better than I could’ve ever hoped for.

It was a testament to the fact that when you speak from your heart, when you are authentic and vulnerable, people connect to you in a greater way.

That connection is LOVE.

Love is not the wishy washy, twee, thing that we believe it is. It is powerful.

It is the ONLY force that will bring about your desired life.

There are TWO parts to the ‘Love Process’ which will bring you everything you want.
I will speak about the first part now, and the second in November’s blog.


If you do not love yourself, you will BLOCK yourself from receiving your desires.
You won’t ever have the life you desire.
Simple as that.

You must believe you are WORTHY of having the things you desire in order to allow them to flow into your life.

And the ONLY way to believe you are worthy, is to LOVE YOURSELF.

I’ll share with you now, two of the ‘tangible tips’ I gave in my talk, which will help you to start ‘opening up your receiving channels’ to your desires!

Fay 2

Faye 3



  1. Let go of the limiting beliefs about yourself and replace them with loving, compassionate ones.

If your best friend or partner had the same limiting – aka negative – beliefs about themselves, what kind, loving, compassionate things would you say to them, to overcome them?

Say those things to yourself.
Every single time a negative beliefs pops into your head.

Even better, say those loving things to yourself each and every day.

These are also known as affirmations. There are many of them within the Worthy Woman program, but I also post some of them in the Worthy Woman Face Book page too, so feel free to take a look and use them for yourself.

A little tip is to use the words ‘I am…’ prior to the positive affirmation you are about to make. For example: ‘I am a wonderful friend/mother/wife etc’, ‘I am full of joy and gratitude for the people/xyz in my life’, ‘I am worthy of receiving everything I desire’.

  1. Give yourself time just for you.

For most women I know, this one is also very difficult, because they believe that others will see them as ‘selfish’ for having time for themselves, to do the things they love doing.

The one thing I can say to you, to help you overcome this fear, is to remember that:

You cannot serve from an empty vessel

You must replenish yourself, ‘your reserves’, in order for you to be able to give time, love, energy, support etc to others.

You can only give that which you already have.

If you do not give yourself love, time, support, fun times and so on, you will run dry. You will already know if you’ve reached this point, by how you FEEL.

Simply put, do you feel good or bad? Do you feel refreshed or drained? Do you feel excited by your life, or sad?

If it’s any of the negative options, the answer is to give yourself more of what you love.

These tips seem almost too simple, but when you try them, you will see a huge difference in your life, because you will be starting to acknowledge that you are worthy of having the things you desire, and you will start to allow yourself to RECEIVE them in your life.

Please share your experiences of this in Worthy Woman’s Face Book Community Page…I’d love to hear from you and cheer you on as you make incredible life transformations!

Recommended Reading:

  • The Power by Rhonda Byrne
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles
  • Money & The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks

And don’t forget – I’ll be sharing the vital second part to the ‘Love Process’ in November’s blog, so keep your eyes peeled!