Faye Speaking EngagementSo I did it! I faced my one of my greatest fears, and did it anyway!

What am I referring to? Public Speaking.
And I’m not alone – apparently more people fear public speaking than they do dying!

So, although I may appear confident, on my videos, I am still human, and was incredibly nervous prior to this talk.

But the evening went really well, and I had a fab response…and hopefully we will now have many more Worthy Women joining our community as a result.

The reason I wanted to share this with you, is to ENCOURAGE YOU to face any fears that you may have this week.

You are more powerful and more courageous than you believe.

Ultimately, my fear boiled down to these type of thoughts: “What if I mess it up?”, “What if people don’t like me?”, “What if I embarrass myself and look stupid?”, “What if I’m not as good as other speakers?”.

You can see that all of these come back to that ‘old faithful’ critical belief of I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

But as a self love and worth mentor, I have to practice what I preach continually.

So how did I overcome these thoughts…and not run in the opposite direction when I arrived at the venue?!

Two things.

First, I knew I had an important message to share. I want to tell as many women as I possibly can in my lifetime, that they are valuable beyond measure.
I knew that some of the women in that room would have NEVER been told how special, unique, magnificent and truly wonderful they are.

I wanted them to hear that TRUTH.

And I will never let my fears ever stop me from sharing that life transforming message.

Secondly, to be honest, I just told myself “So what?”.
So what if I mess up? So what if I look stupid? So what if some of the ladies don’t like me?

Seriously, what is the worst that could happen?!

I will still wake up the next morning, I will still make my children’s breakfast, I will still drink my Earl Grey tea….life will go on.

I will still be loved by my family, I will still be loved by my friends and I will still love myself.

We are all human, we all make mistakes.
But at our very core we are GOOD, we are LOVE, and we GIVE LOVE.

Remembering that will help you.

So today – face your fears. You DO have that courage inside you.

Do everything in love; and that includes being loving, kind and compassionate to yourself.

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