I wanted to share with you some of the utter beauty that is in our world.

As a surprise for my birthday, my wonderful fiancé had booked a European cruise for us!

I couldn’t believe it! It honestly took about two days for it to sink in when he told me.

It was the best surprise, and best holiday I’ve ever had. A total dream come true.

So, I’ve included some photos of the places we visited for you to admire…aren’t they just beautiful?

But it’s also got me thinking.

When I told people I was going on this cruise, a few of them had a negative reaction; sadly including those closest to me.

It was total jealousy, that was obvious. But even though I could recognise it as that, for a while it did make me feel bad.

I started to feel guilty. I started to feel that I wasn’t worthy of having some a wondrous as this surprise holiday.

So I’m wondering…

What desires do you block yourself from having because your feel unworthy?

Is there something that seems ‘too far out of reach’ for you?

Maybe having a partner who treats you to holidays seems unrealistic…or to live in your dream house in country…or to run your own successful business……..or to wear the beautiful designer clothes you admire from afar…..or to have a massage every week….or more than one holiday a year?

Do you know that

When your beliefs about yourself change, your life changes

I know, because that is exactly how my life transformed.

So today, I urge you to think about the things you truly desire to have in your life.

Then literally write them down. Even better, get pictures that represent those things and put them on a piece of card to create a Vision Board that you can look at every day.

Every time you look at those things, your desires, tell yourself this:

I am worthy of everything I desire
I am worthy of happiness

When that truly starts to sink in, your life will begin to change.

You are beyond value.

You are priceless.

You are the true beauty in this world.

Don’t ever forget it. Live like your life depends on this message…because it does.