I Am Worthy

Transformational VIP Day

Your life is about to change, forever

You can make the rapid progress in achieving your dream life that my previous clients have

My Transformational Coaching Experience is for you if you want to overcome your struggles with receiving love and/or money.


It’s for you if you are ready to overcome all of your self doubts and criticism – so that you can succeed in making your desires your reality.


truly believing that you are worthy, and deserving, and absolutely good enough to have every single one of your desires,

truly valuing yourself so that you attract people into your life who value you too,

truly appreciating your unique gifts and talents, so that you attract clients who pay you happily & handsomely.

You would know how it feels to be loved, respected & valued

You would feel proud of yourself, and walk that little bit taller

You would feel the utter joy of giving your family those things you’ve always wanted to

You would know freedom, ease and flow

You would become the woman you’re meant to be

If it feels like you’ve tried everything, but love and money still seem ‘unavailable to you’; and they’re always a struggle to gain, then this is the piece you’ve been missing

The truth is, you have conscious desires – for love, for money – but your subconscious mind is causing you to self sabotage… so that you never actually receive those desires!

Why would my mind do that?

Because your subconscious mind is where your beliefs are stored. Any self critical beliefs you have, will have been there for a very long time (usually childhood), and have become familiar to you.

These deep-down, critical beliefs (“I don’t deserve love/money”, “I’m not good enough to ask for the love/money I really want”, “Other people are better than me, who do I think I am?” etc) will always override your conscious desire for those very things.

If it feels like you’ve tried everything, but love and money still seem ‘unavailable to you’; and they’re always a struggle to gain, then this is the piece you’ve been missing

Can I ever overcome this?


You can ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind, and make new empowering, self-loving beliefs familiar to you; your ‘new normal’!

When this happens, your subconscious and conscious minds become aligned with your desires…

which means you are free from your ‘blocks’….

and you can & will succeed in receiving the love and money you want!

I Am Worthy: A Transformational VIP Day

What I’ve discovered within my own life, and since working with all of my previous clients, is that there are 7 Transformations you must experience in order to receive your desires, without struggle.

These 7 Transformations will have a rapid, positive, powerful effect on your relationships with yourself, with others and with wealth.

As soon as you put the transformations into action, you will be free to have the life you’ve always wanted!

What makes the Transformational VIP Day unique?

Rapid Transformational Therapy {RTT} Session

7 Transformations

My ‘7 Steps to Self Love & Receiving Your Desires’ Program

Deep Transformation Coaching & Mentoring

Meet Faye…

Faye was told …

How your life will transform


What my previous clients say…

Best day ever working with Faye!
As a successful female entrepreneur myself, she has helped me to NOT feel guilty about earning what I deserve.
I was feeling so much guilt around money, then ‘poooof’ gone…THEN more money flowed and I had a record day in my business…Even celebrated a £50k day with her!
She’s also helped me to not feel that things in my life have to be sacrificed (you can have and enjoy LOVE AND MONEY without relationships going to shit)…. multiple 6-figures in a year… and on course to make a 6-figure month after working with her.
No such thing as coincidences, when the student is ready the teacher will appear…I utterly recommend Faye.
Stacey, UK

Just as things were starting to make sense and my business was gaining momentum, I hit a wall. And I had no idea why. Enter Faye.
I didn’t believe that the goals I had, the life I wanted to live, was within my reach. I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t see how it could be possible for me. When I made this realization, it was like a lightbulb going off.
Until I was able to truly believe that I was deserving of my dreams, that the life I wanted and the business I was created were truly meant for me, I was never going to find success. I would continue to self-sabotage.
Thanks to Faye, that’s not a problem anymore. Because of her, I let go of the negative stories I had about myself. The inferiority complex I was experiencing? Gone.
None of this would have been possible without Faye…I would not be where I am today without her. I am forever grateful for the work she does and the compassion she shares with others.
Because of her, I truly believe that I am deserving and know that my dreams are mine for a reason. Not only that, but those dreams aren’t just dreams anymore! I was able to move past my blocks…to launch my first group program!
If you are doubting yourself, or having any sort of negative self-talk, you need Faye. She will help you overcome those issues, freeing you to reach for the stars and make your dreams a reality.
Nicole, USA

I needed to work on my self; around worthiness, my fear of rejection that I had felt for almost all of my life, the anger that was built up over the years. I was not in a good place but I knew that I needed someone to help me unpack all the baggage I was carrying. I knew if I didn’t, nothing would change in my life and same things would happen over and over again.
I found it so easy talking to Faye and I could completely be my self. She went over and above in our 1-1 calls and I was always able to keep in touch with her via messenger.
One of the biggest aha’s I had was learning how angry I actually was and practicing the techniques that Faye suggested really helped. All of the exercises were amazing and really helped to align my beliefs and set my boundaries which is vital for me to know and be aware of throughout my life.
I am now a changed woman for the better. I have so much more self esteem and self worth and honestly feel like I can have everything that I want in my life.. through this journey I feel like I have truly found my self again.. what could be the bigger aha moment then that.
Love you Faye.
Riz, UK

I have some AMAZING news for you….
I have been working on my ‘ideal man’ goal… and I’VE MET HIM – and he is everything on that collage! 
It feels so natural being with him…AND he’s 6’5″!
I wanted to say a huge, huge, huge thank you for your kind words of support, love, encouragement and wisdom Faye….because this is down to you.
I’m incredibly happy and feeling blessed to have connected with you.
Juliet, UK

What an amazing time with my glorious coach Faye…discovering that Mr Right is not an unattainable pipe dream after all. To see where you’re at [and] what’s holding you back now, ultimately leaves you feeling excited for the possibilities of the future, which now seem more realistic.
She includes practical help, as to how to put the new found understanding into practice, and I’m now feeling empowered and excited.
Helen, UK

How does it work?


The I Am Worthy Transformational Day can take place online or in-person at a luxury hotel (UK)


1 x Rapid Transformational Therapy Session (1.5 hours)

Personalised Coaching, covering the 7 Transformations (4 hours)

1 x Follow-Up Call two weeks later (30 mins)


£500 Online   £1000 In Person

If you’re ready to start living the life you truly want, book your call with me TODAY!