Best day ever working with Faye!
As a successful female entrepreneur myself…she helped me to not feel that things in my life have to be sacrificed….you can have, and enjoy, love AND money… without relationships going to sh*t!
Faye helped me to not feel guilty about earning what I deserve…and then I had a record day in my business….and even celebrated a £50k day when I was with her…. and am on course to make a 6-figure month after working with her!
No such thing as coincidences, when the student is ready the teacher will appear…I utterly recommend Faye.
Stacey, UK

Hand on heart, working with Faye has been a life changing opportunity!
My order book has gone crazy…..and now I’m also booking exciting adventures with my partner! My life has improved immeasurably.
If you’re ready to make changes in your life, Faye is the woman to help you.
Rowena, UK

Greatest investment I’ve ever made in my life so far!
The content made me deal with certain things I’d never realised were hindering me from living the life I so much desired…and it has truly turned my life around!
I now love myself & my life without any shame, pain or guilt…and my relationship with my children has truly strengthened!
Dorcas, UK

My VIP day with Faye was worth every single penny!
I wanted help with relationships…and the amount of things I learnt from her was unbelievableFaye worked wonders!
Something just clicked and there has been a change within me since I worked with Faye… because it truly did ignite a new version of me – a new outlook, a new mindset, and everyone around me has noticed a difference. I feel like I have completely come into who I knew I could be.
Faye is absolutely lovely and I couldn’t have asked to work with anyone better. I would definitely work with Faye again.
Laura, UK

Faye uses a magical, symbiotic mix of hypnotic regression and coaching to melt all the hard gates you have developed along the years, so you can be in receiving, being soft, being feminine….and reveling in the beautiful mix of feminine and masculine….a kind of deconstruction to reconstruct and become fully me.
The greatest thing I’ve learnt is that I don’t need validation from others…I’ve understood where the burdens I was carrying came from….that they weren’t mine.
I learnt that, as a child, I was the perfect mix of balanced masculine and feminine energies….I feel the presence of my inner child so much stronger within me…she is back as the powerful being she knew she was!
I am now in the state of attracting rather than pushing…..I have balance between giving and receiving. I give myself treats to feel, be feminine, beautiful….and feel good about it!
I now KNOW I am special, gifted and powerful……I have a greater belief of deserving to be cherished…..and from that I go forth stronger, less fragile, inside.
Marielle, France

It never mattered how many awards or achievements I have had (and there have been many!), I never had that sense of self worth and value, until working with Faye. I now love myself and feel confident.
I’m over the moon about it, and I’m excited to have finally found a coach that I know I will go back to over and over because she gets it and knows how to move through barriers.
I’m absolutely grateful for Faye.
Chanel, USA

Faye has helped me to feel the worth I always knew I had inside me!
She has taught me to raise my voice, rejoice in a future that is mine to make and to increase my self worth and confidence.
Sandra, Netherlands

Faye works miracles.
She has helped me beyond belief to get my self worth back up. I now have, wholeheartedly, love for myself.
I spent so many years feeling unworthy and ‘Who am I to do/have anything else?’. But now I hear Faye in my head saying ‘What would a woman who loves herself do?’. When you start loving yourself, incredible things start happening!
Gemma, UK

I am now a changed woman for the better – I have so much more self worth and honestly feel like I can have everything that I want in my life!
We dug deep into the blocks that were holding me back, including my fear of rejection. Practicing the amazing exercises Faye suggested really helped to align my beliefs and set my boundaries, which was vital for me.  
Faye has played an integral part in getting me to where I am today, I could not have hoped for a more amazing coach. She is an amazing human being who passionately cares about supporting women to overcome their blocks and worthiness issues. Love you Faye.
Riz, UK

Working with Faye has truly transformed my life!
My sense of self worth and worthiness has never been greater. She has helped me to see that our emotions are beautiful, powerful, windows into our soul – that should be honoured and not dismissed.
I only wish I’d done this work sooner!
Kim, USA

One of the most intensive and profound experiences of my life… the best gift I could ever have given myself!
I have been stuck in some kind of depression because of self blame…and I don’t feel like that any more…complete game changer!
You have given me an incredible gift, and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for the insight and understanding I’ve gained.
I have no doubt that you are an Angel, Faye – and you appeared in my life at completely the right time. I will be forever grateful to you.
Anon, UK

There has been a huge shift forward in my business, and I’m now working with celebrities – which was always my dream!
If you’re looking to release blocks that are holding you back, I highly recommend working with Faye….it’s been worth every penny!
Samantha, UK

I’m so full of self confidence and self belief now – and the positive impact on my business and relationships has been enormous!
I had no idea how blocked I was and how much I was limiting myself in my business, but thanks to Faye I no longer spiral into self sabotage….and those changes have translated into money in my business!
Faye is a superstar – she’s worth her weight in gold! If you’re considering working with her, just do it!
Helena, UK

I knew that in order to take my business to multiple 6-figures, I needed to work on my worthiness around ‘having it all’ – success without sacrifice.
Over the years, I’ve become acutely aware of a saboteur that reads: “I can’t have both success in business and loving relationships”. It comes from a childhood belief that enormous success means I’ll have to sacrifice my loving relationships.
Enter Faye.
She blew my mind by accessing my subconscious memories and repressed emotions [so I could see] how I sometimes reject love because I don’t feel deserving.
It was unbelievably powerful, and Faye guided me through a process in which real healing occurred. The greatest thing I learnt was that self love and self acceptance have been the key to everything I desire.
There have been some beautiful shifts in how I assert myself….and in my relationship we’ve been really happy…because what was really significant was my ability to [now] communicate with my partner & tell him how I felt and what I wanted.
I feel strong and beautiful…both empowered AND feminine….and more confident in owning my gifts.
The biggest leap is how much I’ve been able to enjoy my success….I’ve slowed down and I’m definitely loving the journey more – this has been HUGE!
It’s all thanks to you and your amazing work, Faye, and I always recommend you to my clients. You’re an incredible force for love.
Sanae, UK

Since working with Faye I have discovered where my low self-worth originated, and as a result of this awareness I’ve been able to truly move into a belief in my own worth, across all areas of my life. 
I’ve now put up boundaries with toxic people, I have raised my prices in my business, I have been able to care for myself without feeling guilty (huge one!), I have become a better mother as a result, and I have found it easier to experience joy
The biggest change I have experienced is giving myself permission to feel happy now, instead of feeling that I had to achieve first before I deserved happiness.
I truly believe that Rapid Transformational Therapy is the fastest, deepest way to achieve real change; it goes right to the core of your being.  Faye holds such a safe and loving space for her clients and I have felt so comfortable opening up to her that I have experienced true healing in my heart. 
She totally understood why I was the way I was from all the experience that she has working with women like me, and I am so happy that I took the life-changing decision to ask her for help and to invest in myself.  When you don’t feel worthy it is very difficult to ask for help and invest in yourself … but please do it, it will be the turning point of your life.
Bethan, UK

The best money I could have spent on myself….it’s been an amazing investment!

The work I did with Faye gave me insights that I’d never had and through that awareness it led to a much deeper level of healing for me. Faye didn’t judge me which meant I felt completely safe working with her. 

The greatest thing I’ve learnt is that I’m lovable just as I am and to be compassionate with myself. The biggest change has been how I feel about myself – there is a love and care for myself that wasn’t there before and this has improved every aspect of my life. I now allow myself to take care of myself, learning when to stop rather than keep going all the time and burning out….not feeling like I have to work all of the time.

My experience of life is completely different….I have a different outlook on what I want for my life and am creating a future which is important to me….I enjoy my life and am excited to be me.

[This work] has been truly transformational and incredibly healing. Work with Faye as she will change your life.


Just as my business was gaining momentum, I hit a wall. I didn’t believe the life I wanted to live, was within my reach. I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t see how it could be possible for me.
Enter Faye.
Thanks to her, that’s not a problem anymore – she helped me to let go of the negative stories I had about myself. The inferiority complex I was experiencing? Gone.
None of this would have been possible without Faye…I would not be where I am today without her. I am forever grateful for the work she does and the compassion she shares with others.
Because of her, I truly believe that I am deserving and know that my dreams are mine for a reason. Not only that, but those dreams aren’t just dreams anymore! I was able to move past my blocks…to launch my first group program!
If you are doubting yourself, or having any sort of negative self-talk, you need Faye. She will help you overcome those issues, freeing you to reach for the stars and make your dreams a reality!
Nicole, USA

I made major shifts in relationships, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive!
I didn’t think I had self worth issues…but my sessions with Faye rocked my world, and were the catalyst for some life changing decisions.
I am truly grateful for the support and guidance I got from Faye, and would highly recommend working with her.
Jo, UK

Faye has helped me make enormous leaps in my progress towards self appreciation that I’ve been looking for. I’ve been working on this topic for some time , but Faye made the puzzle pieces click in my mind.
I am very happy I took the time for this coaching – this really made a big difference to me!
I will continue to work with Faye. Thank you SO much – you are an Angel!
Piritta, Finland

If you have an opportunity to work with Faye, I guarantee you will not regret a single moment….one of the best things I’ve ever participated in!
It was an extremely uplifting journey of self love and deep inner connection; realising my true value. A journey of healing and forgiveness, to reconnect with my true self, that led to complete worthiness and belief in myself. 
Vicki, UK