The Miracle

4 Week One-to-One Coaching Program

Your relationships are about to transform, forever

To the outside world, you have an amazing life. You appear confident, you have a great career, you’re surrounded by family and friends.

But behind the facade, you’re struggling.


You’re desperate to keep this image of perfection going, yet you feel the furthest thing from perfect.

That ‘wonderful life’ people think you have? Wrong.

That resilient “I can manage everything that’s thrown at me” attitude people think you’ve got? Wrong.


The truth is – behind closed doors – you are struggling in your personal relationships.

You repeatedly attract emotionally unavailable men. Men who aren’t deeply connected to you, they don’t value you, they don’t fully support or understand what you want to achieve in the world.

You’ve begun to realise this is a pattern, and believe there must be “something wrong” with you, but just don’t know what to do to the break this cycle.

The truth is, the root of this is you’ve repressed your feminine energy.

It’s the reason you’re known as an ‘A’pha woman’, a ‘Superwoman’.

It the reason your relationships and business sales are always hard work for you (to the point of exhaustion and burn out, right?). It’s why you attract the ‘takers’ of the world – the irresponsible men, the clients you have to chase for payments, the freebie takers.

The truth is…

There is nothing wrong with you.


Rather, you have deep, subconscious, learned behaviours from childhood, which are being repeated over, and over, and over – without you even being consciously aware of it.

These behaviours – or patterns – are rooted in your misguided belief that:

“I can’t have everything that I want”

When you break free from these patterns – you break the cycles of…


• ‘Love’ equaling your pain and sacrifice,

• One-sided relationships,

• Being an exhausted, walking -talking,  ‘to-do’ list,

• ‘Spinning those plates’ to please others 

• Putting yourself at the bottom of the pile

• Constant self doubt

• Feeling alone (even when you’re surrounded by people),

• Feeling like a failure,

• Believing there’s ‘something wrong’ with you,

• Believing you have to prove yourself by working hard, in order to receive love

You are not a robotic ‘Super Woman’. Feminine energy does not make you ‘needy’ or weak.

Every human being is composed of both masculine and feminine energy; and when both are fully expressed in you, you become magnetic!

It is impossible for you to have a healthy relationship when you’re repressing your feminine energy because you feel ashamed of it.

When you hide your true self, you are never going to attract those who value you – in relationships or in business.

When you express your feminine energy, you attract with ease

Until now, your relationships have always been hard work, one-sided, because you’ve silenced this part of you; you learnt to this in childhood.

When you transform this at a deep level,  you put an end to the subconscious self-sabotage, you raise your energy – your ‘vibe’ if you like – to that of attracting and receiving you want, with ease!

How to break the cycle forever

My method is unique, powerful and rapid.

Most coaches only focus on your conscious mind; meaning results will be limited and often don’t last very long.

I use my unique, ‘dual-track’ combination of Rapid Transformational Therapy (an incredible, very specialised form of hypnotherapy) to reprogram your subconscious beliefs, plus powerful coaching exercises, to change your practical actions, to include masculine and feminine energy.

This double-pronged approach is absolutely essential if you want permanent transformation in your life.

This is why my clients have such phenomenal, life changing results.

The result?

•  You’ll raise your vibration to that of EFFORTLESS receiving…so you can finally END waking up at 3am in the morning worrying about your relationship

You’ll finally BE that woman who EASILY magnetizes men that WANT to be with her with your walking-on-water CONFIDENCE

You’ll finally taste what EASE feels like…and TURN ON your ability to receive {so NO more overwhelm with all the stuff you NEED to do!}

Best day ever working with Faye!
As a successful female entrepreneur myself…she helped me to not feel that things in my life have to be sacrificed….you can have, and enjoy, LOVE AND MONEY…without relationships going to shit!
No such thing as coincidences, when the student is ready the teacher will appear…I utterly recommend Faye.
Stacey, UK

My VIP day with Faye was worth every single penny!
I wanted help with relationships…and the amount of things I learnt from her was unbelievableFaye worked wonders!
Something just clicked and there has been a change within me since I worked with Faye… because it truly did ignite a new version of me – a new outlook, a new mindset, and everyone around me has noticed a difference. I feel like I have completely come into who I knew I could be.
Within 5 days of our day together I had a date planned (completely unexpected!) … and I even met someone on holiday, who I am seeing again soon!
Faye is absolutely lovely and I couldn’t have asked to work with anyone better. I would definitely work with Faye again.
Laura, UK

Greatest investment I’ve ever made in my life so far!
The content made me deal with certain things I’d never realised were hindering me from living the life I so much desired…and it has truly turned my life around!
I now love myself & my life without any shame, pain or guilt…and my relationship with my children has truly strengthened!
Dorcas, UK

I have some amazing news for you!
I have been working on my ‘ideal man’ goal… and I’ve met himand he is everything on that collage! 
It feels so natural being with him…AND he’s 6’5″!
I wanted to say a huge, huge, huge thank you for your kind words of support, love, encouragement and wisdom Faye….because this is down to you.
I’m incredibly happy and feeling blessed to have connected with you.
Juliet, UK

What an amazing time with my glorious coach Faye…discovering that Mr Right is not an unattainable pipe dream after all. To see where you’re at [and] what’s holding you back now, ultimately leaves you feeling excited for the possibilities of the future, which now seem realistic.
She includes practical help, as to how to put the new found understanding into practice, and I’m now feeling empowered and excited!
Helen, UK

How it works

‘The Miracle’ 4 Week Coaching Program will take place each week via Skype and will include:

Personalised One-to-One Coaching Calls Every Week + Exercises {including a pre-program questionnaire}:

Week 1:

PERSONALISED RTT Session {inc. hypnotherapy recording for home use}

Week 2:

PERSONALISED Masculine Energy Actions

Week 3:

PERSONALISED Feminine Energy Actions

Week 4:

PERSONALISED Receiving Actions + final hypnotherapy recording for home use